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We could have your Meditainment Partner Package setup and established in as little as a few weeks! Read on to find out what's included and just how easy it would be to facilitate Meditainment in your workplace.

Meditainment is a blend of guided meditation with stories, music and sounds of nature. The guided meditations and visualisations in the 34-meditation series are created to be engaging and inclusive so that meditation and its amazing benefits can easily be enjoyed by everyone!  A professional narrator is the guide in each meditation, which begin with a short calming exercise before continuing with an engaging story-line lead the user on a journey to a natural environment. In each there is an opportunity to reflect on a personal wellness topic such as, stress reduction, confidence, and motivation.

What your Meditainment Series users get

User package

  • Individual, personal access to the Series of 34 guided meditations for unlimited listening online whenever & wherever they like, and downloads to keep & enjoy offline
  • Easily accessed and enjoyed from any device, including mobiles & tablets
  • Learn skills and enjoy the benefits of meditation practice
  • Meditations on an extensive range of topics for supporting personal development and improving mental health:
  • Stress & Pain Relief
  • Meditations to: relieve stress rapidly; address physical & psychological stressors; enhance immune system; reduce blood pressure
  • Growth & Development
  • Meditations to: increase passion for life; open up opportunities; empower; improve confidence; make the most of abilities and potential; achieve goals
  • Self-Motivation & Energy
  • Meditations to: boost energy; increase focus; calm unnecessary thoughts; improve performance
  • Mindfulness & Insight
  • Meditations to: expand awareness; awaken imagination; gain perspective
  • Sleep & Recharge
  • Meditations to: fall asleep quickly & sleep the whole night through
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Meditations to: rest deeply; quick recharges in the day when short on time

What you as an organisation get

Meditainment CMS

  • Quick & straightforward registration tool for giving individual access to the Series, with option for bespoke self-registration weblink from your staff intranet or similar
  • Engagement reports, feedback & star ratings from your Series users
  • Dedicated Meditainment account manager, providing you with ongoing professional support to tailor our Series offering within your wellbeing initiatives
  • Confidence in providing a critically acclaimed, high-quality product at low cost that your Series users can enjoy every day and appreciate the benefits of for years to come
  • Encourage a good living and working environment by providing a tool that reduces stress, promotes relaxation and improves mood and sleep quality
  • Boost morale and mood with an entertaining and fun form of meditation that anyone can enjoy
  • Help everyone to become better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs, with the skills the practice of meditation brings
  • Individual user's agreement is with us; T&Cs must be accepted by individual to register, and include, consent to share their data with their corporate "sponsor". For further info please see T&Cs here

Simply buy user places via our secure order form by Card, PayPal or Invoice request, and we'll be in touch to provide you with everything you need to get your Meditainment Series Partner Package up and running!  If you would prefer a quote, please get in touch.