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The benefits

An exciting and engaging meditation course where participants explore and reflect on key wellbeing themes.

Meditation that takes you places!

On your guided meditation journey you'll enjoy three Voyages, each with multiple visualized destinations, and just like a real multi-stop vacation, you'll be taken to each place in sequence. We've done the planning for you and lined up all the amazing places you'll visit on your journey, so all you have to do is sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the adventure.

Voyage 1

From Secret Escapes to Soothing Spas

Six awesome adventures await, each giving you the opportunity to rest, reflect and discover the amazing power of your calm mind. 

Journey of the Mind: Voyage 1 of 3

Wellbeing themes:
Stress & Pain Relief
Self-Motivation & Energy

Voyage 2

Hot Deserts to Snow Plains

Experience the extremes and go the distance. This voyage will challenge, surprise and reinvigorate you. You'll want to return again and again.

Journey of the Mind: Voyage 2 of 3

Wellbeing themes:
Sleep & Recharge
Stress & Pain Relief
Growth & Development

Voyage 3

Deep Oceans to New Heights

Get ready to expand your horizons, and gain a new perspective and lease for life. We're really going somewhere with this awe-inspiring voyage. 

Journey of the Mind: Voyage 3 of 3

Wellbeing themes:
Growth & Development
Mindfulness & Insight
Self-Motivation & Energy

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Book your seat on the first of three multi-stop meditation Voyages, completely for free, and embark on an exciting adventure to six awesome destinations.

our service

For Enterprise and Healthcare

We supply all the tools to successfully offer and provide Meditainment in an enterprise or healthcare setting. Using our specialised yet simple to use course Management Portal, employers and clinicians easily measure the impact and effectiveness of the course through anonymised behavioural analytics and engagement reports with all participants benefitting from being able to access the course with confidentiality.

Portal Dashboard Illustration 

Quick and easy enrolment
Engagement reports
Outcome reports
Qualitative feedback
Professional support

"My new obsession!"

Your Ticket to a Better You

Book your seat on the Journey and experience all the visualized destinations on this incredible 12-week course. You'll get to master the power of meditation, how good it feels and just how much fun it can be. We'll guide you every step of the way, so you can simply enjoy the ride to becoming the person you really want to be.

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12-week COURSE
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Do you have any questions?

We understand that embarking on a meditation course can be a big decision. Our FAQs page provides answers to the most common questions we're asked.