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Voyage 1 Destinations: Island Paradise Voyage 1 Destinations: Secret Garden Voyage 1 Destinations: Tropical Sands Voyage 1 Destinations: Mountain Refuge Voyage 1 Destinations: Fantasy Island Voyage 1 Destinations: Serenity Spa Voyage 2 Destinations: Country Meadow Voyage 2 Destinations: Arctic Igloo Voyage 2 Destinations: Desert Oasis Voyage 2 Destinations: Holiday Beach Voyage 2 Destinations: City Park Voyage 2 Destinations: Blue Lagoon Voyage 3 Destinations: Welcome Wood Voyage 3 Destinations: Lost City Voyage 3 Destinations: Deep Ocean Voyage 3 Destinations: Sky Realm Voyage 3 Destinations: Willow Tree Voyage 3 Destinations: Earthrise

Unique and exciting multi-stop Voyages await with amazing destinations to travel to without leaving your seat!

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What is Journey of the Mind?

 Journey of the Mind: Voyages 1-2-3

"Quite possibly the most highly rated audio meditations on the planet"

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