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Meditation that takes you places

On your guided meditation journey you'll experience three multi-meditation voyages and explore a wide range of wellbeing themes. You'll be taken to each meditative destination in sequence, so all you have to do is sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the journey.

Voyage 1

Secret Escapes to Soothing Spas

These tranquil destinations give you the opportunity to rest, reflect and discover the amazing power of your calm mind. 

Journey of the Mind: Voyage 1 of 3

Wellbeing themes:
Stress & Pain Relief
Self-Motivation & Energy

Voyage 2

Hot Deserts to Snow Plains

Experience six different breath-taking natural environments helping to challenge and reinvigorate you. 

Journey of the Mind: Voyage 2 of 3

Wellbeing themes:
Sleep & Recharge
Stress & Pain Relief
Growth & Development

Voyage 3

Deep Oceans to New Heights

Expand your horizons to gain a new perspective and lease of life on this inspiring voyage. 

Journey of the Mind: Voyage 3 of 3

Wellbeing themes:
Growth & Development
Mindfulness & Insight
Self-Motivation & Energy

Meditainment is part of the Wellmind Health family of digital therapeutic courses. The guided meditation and visualization course helps participants improve their approach to wellbeing, relaxation, sleep and quality of life. This is achieved through the practice of meditation and cognitive skills learnt throughout the course. Meditainment's unique blend of guided meditation and visualization techniques transports course participants on relaxing and imaginative journeys to explore and reflect on a wide range of wellbeing themes. 

Our passionate team is dedicated to making meditation accessible for all; we want everyone to have the chance to practice easy-to-follow guided meditation and enjoy the extraordinary benefits it brings to everyday life. Reading about the impact Meditainment has had on real lives in the feedback, testimonials and independent Trustpilot reviews fulfils us on our mission and we look forward to helping many more people discover the amazing power of their calm mind.

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Compatible with all desktop and mobile devices


Implementation is simple so you can quickly and effectively support the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Easy to launch and manage
Measurable impact
Participant confidentiality
Minimal admin work



We provide all the tools you need to successfully integrate this trusted, guided meditation course for improved wellbeing.

Simple Management Portal
Quick and easy enrolment 
Engagement analytics
Ongoing support



We'll transport you on a meditation journey of discovery so you can become more rested, empowered and inspired.

Embark immediately
12-week course
Bonus meditations
Lifetime access

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