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Meditainment is part of the Wellmind Health family of digital therapeutic courses. The meditation and visualization course helps participants improve their approach to wellbeing, relaxation, sleep and quality of life. This is achieved through the practice of meditation and cognitive skills learnt throughout the course. Meditainment's unique blend of guided meditation and visualization techniques transports course participants on relaxing and imaginative journeys to explore and reflect on a wide range of wellbeing themes. 

Our passionate team is dedicated to making meditation accessible for all; we want everyone to have the chance to practice easy-to-follow guided meditation and enjoy the extraordinary benefits it brings to everyday life. Reading about the impact Meditainment has had on real lives in the feedback, testimonials and independent Trustpilot reviews fulfils us on our mission and we look forward to helping many more people discover the amazing power of their calm mind.

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We supply all the tools to successfully offer and provide Meditainment in an enterprise or healthcare setting. 

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