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Increase your enthusiasm for life and drive to succeed by following one of our guided meditations for self-motivation and energy.

Get motivated by visualising how it will feel when you achieve a personal goal, but also get prepared for all the steps and effort required in making it a reality. Remember that the journey itself is just as important as the outcome!

Although the act of meditation might seem like a passive action, it's a truly practical way of breaking procrastination and generating a motivational spark that inspires you to accomplish any task of your choosing. If you're feeling tired or discouraged about completing a task, you’ve probably wasted a lot of time and mental energy dwelling on it. The easiest first step to breaking this deadlock is to make a little time for yourself to relax, meditate and prepare your thoughts for the task ahead. Go do it… the challenge is just in your mind!

Dive into our meditations for self-motivation and energy now:

Mountain Refuge

For self-motivation

Sky Realm

For self-empowerment


For unguided self-motivation


For feeling happy

Go do it

For self-motivation