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Increase your enthusiasm for life and drive to succeed

Boost your motivation by visualising how it will feel when you achieve a personal goal, prepare for the steps and effort required in making it a reality.

The act of meditation may seem like a passive action, but it's a practical way of breaking procrastination and generating a motivational spark. When feeling tired or discouraged about completing a task, a lot of time and mental energy can be wasted dwelling on it. Help break this deadlock by making a little time for yourself to relax, meditate and prepare your thoughts for the task ahead.

Mountain Refuge

For self-motivation
Mountain Refuge guided meditation - For self-motivation

Sky Realm

For self-empowerment
Sky Realm guided meditation - For self-empowerment


For unguided self-motivation
Believe guided meditation - For unguided self-motivation

Go do it

For reenergised vigour
Go do it guided meditation - For reenergised vigour