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Meditation is one of the best recognised stress relievers there is!

But, in times of high stress some forms of meditation can be too difficult or daunting to be beneficial – this is where guided meditation can come in very handy and provide you with instant relief.

That’s why we offer simple-but-effective guided meditations that will calm your thoughts and release you from feelings of stress. By following a simple storyline, you’re guided through a relaxing visualization experience, which will better prepare you for the demands of modern living. So effective, you’ll wonder why you were even feeling stressed to begin with. Stress can also be a key instigator for many physical ailments! That's why our free guided meditation for relaxation when in pain addresses both the physical and psychological stressors.

The psychological benefits that can be expected from following our guided meditations for stress relief and pain management include, increased calm and contentment, and reduced feelings of stress and anxiety; physical benefits include, reduced blood pressure and an enhanced immune system.

Try our meditations for stress and pain relief now:

Secret Garden

For clarity
Secret Garden guided meditation - For clarity

Tropical Sands

For stress management
Tropical Sands guided meditation - For stress management

Holiday Beach

For feeling just great
Holiday Beach guided meditation - For feeling just great

Pain Management

For pain relief
Pain Management guided meditation - For pain relief

Passive Relaxation

For releasing body tension
Passive Relaxation guided meditation - For releasing body tension

Stress Relief

For busting stress
Stress Relief guided meditation - For busting stress