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Trouble sleeping?... Falling asleep?... Staying asleep?

These are common ailments for the majority! We’re constantly told the recommended amount of sleep we need, to have a good bedtime routine, what to eat, when to eat it, all to promote good sleep; albeit sometimes conflicting information, what everyone agrees on is - sleep is a necessary and important part of our existence.

This is probably why our free guided meditation for falling asleep is our most popular, with many of our members using this meditation every evening to simply and smoothly drift off into a deep and natural sleep. If you haven’t tried a guided mediation specially for sleep, this is the one to start with; all our meditations can be used by beginners and experts alike, they’re designed to be easy-to-follow so you gain the most benefit as simply as possible.

Whether you’re a good sleeper or have insomnia, you can rest your brain and body, fall asleep quickly (and stay asleep), or quickly recharge your batteries, with our guided meditations for sleep and recharge, all while following a captivating story, with natural sounds and music that make you feel like you are really in the dreamlike visualized place!

Explore our meditations for sleep and recharge now:

Desert Oasis

For deep recharge
Desert Oasis guided meditation - For deep recharge

Welcome Wood

For slowing right down
Welcome Wood guided meditation - For slowing right down

Falling Asleep

For natural sleep
Falling Asleep guided meditation - For natural sleep

Falling Asleep II

For getting to sleep
Falling Asleep II guided meditation - For getting to sleep

Drifting Peace

For unguided falling asleep
Drifting Peace guided meditation - For unguided falling asleep