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Meditainment is from Wellmind Health, the digital treatment platform for anxiety, depression, addiction, and chronic pain. Cost-effective solutions are provided to license the Wellmind Health treatment programs in healthcare, workplace, and social enterprise settings. Learn more about becoming a partner here.
Meditainment is a web-app compatible with all desktop and mobile devices. Participants access the program via any web browser by logging in here. There is nothing to download.
Meditainment is only available to individuals via our licensed partners. We do not offer self-payment or self-referral. Our growing network of partners include healthcare services, workplaces, social enterprises, and other organisations who license our treatment programs for individuals in their catchment area or population. Please note that we are unable to check if a particular service or organisation can offer you the program; you will need to enquire with them directly.
Individuals take part at their own pace. Participants are led through three modules, each module takes 4-weeks and comprises of six main unique audio-guided meditations of c. 20mins, plus bonus meditations and exercises of varying length. This cumulates into a meditation library to enjoy as often as they like while completing the program and beyond.
The team provide non-clinical support to all participants. If you are experiencing technical issues or have a general question about the program or your participation, please get in touch.
Meditainment leads individuals step-by-step on a fantastical meditation journey. Each meditation is as easy-to-follow as listening to a relaxing story with eyes closed. The program and its meditations are designed to be suitable for beginners and enjoyable for everyone. The pace is steady with a focus on the journey rather than the end destination. Participants can go at their own pace and take as many additional breaks as required.
Meditainment is a unique and captivating approach to better mental health and wellbeing. The program promotes a regular and consistent meditation practice by guiding participants on an engaging visualised journey to many distinctive meditation destinations, with an emphasis on enjoyment while presenting an opportunity to explore and reflect on a wide range of wellbeing themes. Meditainment has empowered many thousands of people to effortlessly embed a regular meditation practice and enjoy incredible lasting health benefits.
There are many different types of meditation, all of which have been shown to have wide reaching benefits for most people. With regular meditation practice most can expect to feel many incredible mental health and wellbeing benefits, including a more positive outlook on life, and reduced stress and anxiety. Meditainment uses guided meditation and visualisation. Each meditation on the program is as easy-to-follow as listening to a relaxing story with your eyes closed.
The Meditainment program is linear, asynchronous, on-demand, and self-guided. Participants are led through three modules, comprising of several unique audio-guided meditations, with accompanying motivational emails. Using a highly unique format, the program entices and encourages participants to meditate for the immediate enjoyment of it, which leads to effortlessly embedding a regular meditation practice and incredible lasting benefits.
You can take part at your own pace and will have access to a cumulated library of meditations from the program for life. Some time and motivation are required to achieve the most benefit; the key is regular practice.
Meditainment is the highly engaging guided meditation program for improved mental health. It is a unique blend of guided meditation and visualisation, enhanced with relaxing music and authentic sounds of nature that leads participants on a fantastical multi-meditation journey, discovering imaginative audio-guided adventures that promote better mental health and wellbeing in an enjoyable and exciting way.