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The course consists of three exciting guided meditation Voyages. Each Voyage includes a total of six destinations. When starting each Voyage, you will receive immediate access to three unique destinations, which you can enjoy as many times as you like and in any order you choose. Further destinations will then be unlocked for you, one at a time on a weekly basis, with each Voyage taking a total of 4-weeks. It's meditation that takes you places and we will guide you every step of the way, including motivational emails; so, remember to add us to your safe senders list so you don't miss anything:

The guided meditation course is from Wellmind Health, who offer cost-effective solutions in both healthcare and enterprise, to suit any size organisation. Find out more about providing the course in your workplace or health service here.

No, Meditainment is only delivered as a web-app. This means you can access the guided meditation course using any of your devices, simply over the internet using a web browser. You can choose to save our web-app icon to your phone or tablet's Home Screen (from your web browser menu, or when prompted) for easy access to the course; used with the 'Remember Me' function at login, and you'll be meditating in just a couple of clicks.

It’s great that you want to give the guided meditation course to your friend. However, we don’t currently offer a gifting service. We will be offering a gift option in the future, so please stay in touch.

Each Voyage on the meditation course takes 4-weeks to complete. If you're still journeying through the 6 destinations on the free Voyage 1, you won't be able to move onto Voyage 2 yet, even if you pay now, you'll need to wait until it is unlocked on week 4. We'll send you an email to let you know when this is, but you can pay for the full course anytime to ensure there's no delay in you starting Voyage 2 when the time comes.

Each of the three Voyages on the guided meditation course takes 4-weeks to complete. So, it will take you 12-weeks or more to complete the entire course. But you can take as long as you like, and will always have access. We'll pause your Journey at the start of each Voyage, until you're ready to continue, so you don't miss anything.

A web-based course that takes you on a series of extraordinary guided meditation Voyages, created to help you become more rested, empowered and inspired. It's meditation that takes you places... over 12-weeks you'll be led on an exciting journey comprising of 3 Voyages, each with 6 unique meditative destinations, wellbeing themes, supporting motivational emails and surprise meditation bonuses.

Lifetime access to the entire guided meditation course costs just $49 USD (GB £40 EU €45).

No catches, no tie-ins, no monthly subscription.

Meditainment is a a fusion of guided meditation and visualization. The guided meditations include visualisation techniques with stories, music and authentic sounds of nature. The audio led meditations are created to be engaging and inclusive so that meditation and its amazing benefits can easily be enjoyed by everyone!
The course is suitable for meditation beginners, as well as the more experienced as a refreshing alternative. Whether you're a novice or a mage, you will gain enjoyment and benefit from course. The 3 Voyages on the course have been crafted as a progressive journey, intentionally presenting the most easy and straightforward experiences earlier on.