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Arctic Igloo has been rated 4.2 out of 5 stars from 226 votes. Yay!

Most recent reviews for this meditation:

Shayna Shepard

Nov 2020

Dorothea Vinge

Oct 2020

I love each of these mediations. These mediations brings about total relaxation. So far this one is my favorite because of the sound of water! Sounds so real and brings about calm!

Anonymous Visitor

Sep 2020

Simon Smith

Sep 2020

Louise Turner

Aug 2020

Natalja K

Aug 2020

Kaya Cooper

Aug 2020

Sexton Blake

Jul 2020

Coleen Contos

Jul 2020

I love this as one of my favourites.. The ethereal sounds of the mysterious.... towards the end and the truly awesome realisation of where I am in the world is a profoundly magical moment that leaves hairs on the back of my neck!

David Greig

Jun 2020