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Drifting Peace has been rated 3.9 out of 5 stars from 43 votes. Yay!

Most recent reviews for this meditation:

Did not like the beginning - sirens, music, voices traffic put me on edge which is not the effect I wanted. Music ok did not like the wind but liked the rain & wave sounds.

Mariella Lloyd

May 2020

Carol Selvy

Apr 2020

Helen Sanders

Feb 2020

A little loud at first, but nice & relaxing as it moves along.

Anonymous Visitor

Jan 2020

I love everything about this app. I love the different meditations. And this sleep music is great I very rarely stay awake til the end.

Debbie Crow

Dec 2019

Julie Robinson

Oct 2019

Patricia Mccormack

Aug 2019

So annoying with the bells and pigeons, how this can send me to sleep I will never know. The opposite!

Janette Cooper

Aug 2019

It’s not working again!

Carol Selvy

Jun 2019

It’s one of my favorites..drift off everytime

Jill Bras

Apr 2019