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City Park has been rated 4.1 out of 5 stars from 106 votes. Yay!

Most recent reviews for this meditation:

Renate Stein

Aug 2020

Very relaxing

Lorraine Moore

Jun 2020

Listening to this meditation encourages me for when I can see friends again for real! And not from a social distance! :-)

Anonymous Visitor

Jun 2020

Ht Great

Graham F

Jun 2020

Karen Cooper

May 2020

Very deep and intense. ??

Fred Santos

May 2020

Fascinating, forgot daily surroundings and felt good in my body very quickly

Linda Leisner

May 2020

My favourite meditation so far. It made me a bit emotional, but in a good way! Loved that you could be there with a friend, especially during current circumstances. It was a really good escape & I feel refreshed!

Claire Smith

May 2020

Loved the sweet sounds of all the activity inside and outside of the park.

WE CARE Sports Scott Hughes

May 2020

Pat Hollingdale

May 2020