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Guided meditation is a truly productive way to explore your astonishingly powerful, creative and insightful mind.

When you follow one of our guided meditations for insight, you’ll enter a deeply relaxed, meditative state, where you’ll become detached from your everyday thoughts with their fixed and repetitive patterns that wear you down. In this state of mind you’ll be ready for new insights and perspectives on the world around you. This can enable you to see your whole life, or your current situation, in totally new and inspired ways.

Some people may find the idea of an inner journey daunting, but our simple, easy-to-follow, engaging storylines with natural sounds that make you feel like you’re really there, you’ll feel relaxed and at ease. The meditative state is a safe and secure place, where you’ll have nothing to fear. Our guided meditations can help you expand your awareness, awaken your imagination and gain deep and meaningful insights.

Delve into our meditations for mindfulness and insight:

Lost City

For inner vision
Lost City guided meditation - For inner vision

Willow Tree

For grounding and balance
Willow Tree guided meditation - For grounding and balance


For perspective
Earthrise guided meditation - For perspective

Water World

For the present moment
Water World guided meditation - For the present moment

Earth, Sun, Moon

For unguided meditation
Earth, Sun, Moon guided meditation - For unguided meditation

Inner Journey

For unguided reflection
Inner Journey guided meditation - For unguided reflection