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With today’s hectic lifestyle, finding time for relaxation is of the utmost importance if we want to enjoy a balanced life and have enough energy for our downtime.

The Team at Meditainment want you to enjoy life to its fullest, so we’ve created guided meditations that will fully rest and relax your whole body and mind.

Following one of our guided meditations for rest and relaxation is an effortless way to calm your thoughts and enter a state of deep quality relaxation. So even if you've only a short time to spare, you can achieve a truly effective level of rest and boost your energy levels for daily life.

These easy-to-follow guided visualizations for relaxation include beautifully crafted stories with music and sounds of nature to give you the rest you deserve and recharge for your whole being. You’ll leave the meditation feeling like you’ve rested for hours.

Enjoy our meditations for rest and relaxation now:

Island Paradise

For rapid relaxation
Island Paradise guided meditation - For rapid relaxation

Fantasy Island

For calmness of thought
Fantasy Island guided meditation - For calmness of thought

Country Meadow

For rest and tranquility
Country Meadow guided meditation - For rest and tranquility

Deep Ocean

For total relaxation
Deep Ocean guided meditation - For total relaxation

New Horizons

For unguided relaxation
New Horizons guided meditation - For unguided relaxation

Summer Dream

For unguided visualisation
Summer Dream guided meditation - For unguided visualisation